Space Clearing Kit
Space Clearing Kit

Space Clearing Kit

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Cleanse the energy in your home or sacred space and instil an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Selenite Crystal 
- approx 17-18cm x 5cm round (with some variation in size and shape) 
Medium White Sage bundle (wild harvested in California)
- approx 14-15cm x 4cm round (with some variation in size and shape) 
Feather (ethically sourced as a bi-product)
Leaflet which includes: 
- Information on Selenite & Sage 
- Spell to say when cleansing the space

White sage bundle: 
The smoke of sage is believed to remove and dispel the heavy and negative energy or entities from the aura or space, and creates a tranquil and sacred atmosphere. The practice is still relevant in today’s world and is ideal when moving into a new living space or after having house quests, after illness or stressful life situation or whenever you feel like you need a little energetic cleanse and grounding.

Selenite is a powerful crystal in clearing the energy around a person, object or space. It can be used to form a protective grid around a house or space and is a wonderful crystal to have in a room. Selenite brings clarity of mind and instills deep peace. It's calming for emotions and can help in stabilizing erratic mental activity. Selenite is an excellent stone in focusing and aligning energies.

Selenite is self cleansing and it does not hold onto negative energies. It can be used to clear the energy of other crystals.

Place a selenite tower into a room to promote clarity and tranquility within the space.

Packaging may vary as we used recycled materials where possible.