Moon and Ritual Initiation

Moon and Ritual Initiation

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Tap into the ancient rhythm of the Moon and reconnect with the wild, wise and intuitive self.

Join our next mentoring program to initiate you into the magic of the Moon and Ritual!

You will learn about the phases of the Moon, their energetic quality and the power of Ritual in your everyday life. 

The Moon symbolises our inner world, happiness, our deep emotional needs. This course will guide you through the changing phases of the Moon, introduce you to your personal Moon cycle (based on the time of your birth), and essentially help you connect with your inner world, your heart and soul. 

We'll follow the lunar cycle as it waxes from the New Moon towards the Full Moon, and wanes back into the dark and the New Moon again. You'll learn how to check how each New and Full Moon correlates with your unique birth chart, what it means and how to harness the transformative energy in your life. You'll gain deeper connection to your inner wisdom through ritual practice, learn to set powerful intentions and care for your emotional and energetic body.

Tap into the ancient rhythm of the Moon, dissolve emotional blockages and unravel a life full of magic..

  • Feel calm and grounded
  • Have mental clarity
  • Feel inspired and motivated 
  • Strengthen your intuition   
  • Time and energise your projects with the Moon
  • Find a better balance in all areas of life

Take a journey into your heart, and heal with the Moon.

  • REST

Restore your energy with deep and restorative rest by pacing your life with Grandmother Moon.

  • HEAL

Take a journey into your heart, dissolve emotional blockages and heal with the Moon.


Tap into the ancient rhythm of the universe and find a deeper connection with Mama Earth, the Moon and yourself.


Fill your cup by leaning in to the energy of the Grandmother Moon. 


Allow the Moon to guide you back home into your heart and soul.


Join the course from the comfort of your own home via ZOOM for four Thursdays at 6pm-7.15pm (AEDT). The course material will be emailed to you.

Limited space available to cultivate a personal connection with each participant, so book in today to make sure you don't miss out!

Start date: Thursday 28th November. The course will go for four consecutive Thursdays with last class on Thursday 19th December. Just in time for Christmas and the New Year!

Live attendance is recommended, but if you happen to miss a class you can request a recording of the class and catch up on your own time. 

Any questions? Please feel free to send me a message!