After Yoga Aura Mist

After Yoga Aura Mist

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After Yoga Aura Mist is an exquisite blend of essential oils and essence tinctures to help you feel refreshed after your yoga practice.

The combination of uplifting yet calming essential oils creates a mist that is so fresh, yet soft and grounding to help you ease back into the world.

The blend of wonderful scents of essential oils are enhanced with vibrational essences of Moss Agate Crystal, Bush Iris and Peach Flowered Tea-Tree plants.

Moss Agate Essence: To refresh your soul and gently ground and connect you with mother earth.

Bush Iris Essence: To support with spiritual development and assist in integration of the practice.

Peach Flowered Tea-Tree: To enhance the sense of wellbeing & commitment to practice.

Size: e 100ml