Astrology Readings

Let's explore your unique chart of the Sun, the Moon and the stars to discover your cosmic blueprint!

Astrology is a big part of Lumimoon with the founder, Siina, being passionate astrologer. She says astrology is a wonderful tool to help us understand the bits and pieces that make us unique and whole. When we have a better understanding of who we truly are; our deep needs, strengths and challenges, we’re able to make better choices and lead more authentic lives. 

“ I believe true wellness is found when we live with passion, nurture our essence and drop back into the natural rhythm of life.”

1 hour reading $120

Transit Reading:

With a year coming to an end and another one about to begin, it's a perfect time for a transit reading. In this session we will focus on the energetic themes for you for the coming year and look at any major transits (planetary aspects) activating different areas in your life. You'll walk away with a better understanding of these cycles, practical & personalised tools to best navigate these energetic shifts + a printable of all the important dates for the coming year.

This reading is not about predicting the future! It's about finding a better understanding of the energetic currents influencing your day to day life and being able to navigate these shifts with more ease and grace.

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