Life by ancient wisdom, nature and the cosmos.

Lumimoon was created to inspire slower, more connected pace of life. I believe we're all alchemists of our own life, creating our reality with our day to day choices, actions and reactions.

If we slow down a little and pay attention, we might just remember how it feels to be truly, deeply, utterly alive! So tune in with the cosmos, ground deeply with Mama Earth and tap into something wise and timeless within.

Lumimoon is a space for the modern mystic, inspired by ancient wisdom, nature and the cosmos. 

Welcome to Lumimoon!

Siina McCallum

Astrologist, Anthropologist & Founder



"Originally from Finland, I traveled to the other side of the planet in my early twenties and have since found a home here in Australia. Living with my beautiful daughter, my husband and our two year old staffy, Wynter, I work from our home in Wollongong, south of Sydney, surrounded by lush nature and salty sea air.

My morning Ritual includes taking Wynter out for a long walk, some stretching and deep breathing (some might call it yoga) and usually a big cup of coffee.

I like to meditate daily, and I like to goof around ­with my little crew – I feel humor keeps my intuition strong, and my fifth chakra (expression) open. (I identify myself as an introvert, so it’s usually only my nearest and dearest that get to enjoy my twisted sense of humor.)  

Nature is a big part of my life – in it I feel grounded and alive.

I believe that being tuned in to any natural surrounding we find ourselves in is essential to feeling a balance. Mama Earth has so much wisdom to share if we just take a moment to listen.

I adore anthropology (the study of human experience in different cultures) and hold a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology from Macquarie University. One of the areas that caught my focus is the study of Rituals and Rites of Passages, and their power to invite healing and change. I like to explore their links to nature, cosmos and the natural cycles of life.

After graduating, I kept exploring the human experience through yoga and meditation, and eventually found myself completely swept away by Astrology. I’ve been a consulting Astrologer since 2018.

Lumimoon is a creative outlet for me.

It reflects my journey as an Anthropologer and Astrologer, and is a place where I share the gems I find along the way through courses, products and workshops. It’s also my offering to the world, a space where we can exist as we are, tap into the ancient rhythm of the Universe and reconnect with that wild, wise and intuitive self."