We believe that when we slow down, we begin to see the magic in the everyday life. We believe in learning from nature and dropping back into the natural rhythm of life. We believe in creating space and finding presence through ritual. 

Lumimoon Ritual Boxes are inspired by slow living, nature and astrology.  Ritual is a way to honour the present moment, to embrace the change and to shape your life from the inside out. All our Ritual Boxes are created by the founder, Siina McCallum, with the intention to provide you with practical tools to create a soulful ritual wherever you are. Siina draws on her knowledge of astrology and energy healing in her work, and her purpose is to weave a little bit of magic into the everyday life one Ritual Box at a time.



Siina's fascination with practices that span across time and cultures, such as ritual and astrology, started when she studied anthropology in university. She then continued to study yoga & meditation, energetic healing in it’s many forms and finally astrology with her work strongly rooted in healing through understanding the human experience.

Ritual is a big part of Siina’s daily living, providing support and grounding her into her life here on earth as a woman, business owner and mama for her little girl Lumi. Astrology is her passion, her calling, guilty pleasure and outlet for her wild mind. She never ceases to be amazed by the magical world of astrology and draws into her understanding of the cosmos in her creative work.

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