Astrology Reading with Siina
Astrology Reading with Siina

Astrology Reading with Siina

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(Adjusted pricing and more options added for the time being as a response to the current global hardship, and to make astrology more readily available to you during these challenging times...) 

**All readings take place online (super easy - you'll get an email with a link that will take you to our online 'meeting room').

Your astrological birth chart is like a personal energetic blue print that will provide gentle guidance and direction, and help you understand all the wonderful bits and pieces that make you YOU.

Birth Chart Reading 

We'll spend this time exploring your unique Birth Chart; the Sun, the Moon and the Stars at the time of your birth. We'll look at the current planetary influences (transits) and other details always focusing on your needs.

You'll learn about the Moon and how to work with her energy and tune in with the natural rhythm of life. 

You'll walk away with information and insights, tools and rituals to help you lean in to the cosmic energies and keep unravelling the magic over the weeks and months to come.

While we'll examine the placements of each planet in your chart, and get to know the "nature" of your chart, you can request to focus the session in any areas of life or events you may be going through.

    Learn more about Lumimoon and your astrologer Siina McCallum here...