The Mystical Moon Cycle

The Mystical Moon Cycle

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The Mystical Moon Cycle Masterclass

This is a Live Webinar, however, the class will be structured with those in mind who will be attending the class in their own time from a recording! 

  • When: Saturday 28. March 2020 at 10am – 12pm (AEDT) OR listen to the class at a time suitable to you! - Recording provided in case you miss it, or wish to revisit the class later!
  • Where: Online via ZOOM (super easy, you'll receive a link that will take you to the master class!)

Suitable for Astrology/Moon Ritual newbies and experienced witches alike!

This masterclass will guide you through the changing phases of the Moon, with focus on cultivating a personal relationship with Mama Moon. 

Nurture your heart and soul by tuning in with Mama Moon. Allow her to be your ally and support your everyday life with her gentle magic. 

We'll explore the energetic quality of each phase and discover what it means for you. Working with the Moon is a powerful way to dissolve blockages and invite healing to all aspect of life.

You'll learn to track what each New and Full Moon activates in your Unique Birth Chart, what it means and how to harness the transformational energy in your everyday life. 

Gain a deeper connection to the Moon and her cycles by cultivating a personal Lunar Practice, and take your New and Full Moon rituals to a whole other level by working with your unique birth chart.

Tap into the ancient rhythm of the Moon and reconnect with the wild, wise and intuitive self.

You'll receive your Astrological Birth Chart, notes, work sheets & cheat sheets, class recording and more!

And if you book by Saturday 21 March you'll receive 'The Moon Ritual Pocket Journal', Palo Santo (bundle of 2 sticks) and a selection of 3 crystals to get you started with you Moon Rituals! Delivery included within Australia.


Prerequisite: Basic understanding of an astrological chart is recommended but not compulsory. See Introduction To Chart Interpretation Master Class which you'll receive as a bonus!