Your Guide To New And Full Moon Rituals

Lunation rituals are a great way to connect with the natural world, yourself and, of course, the Moon! This article will introduce you to simple yet powerful New and Full Moon Rituals, so that you can start to harness this transformational energy and invite a little bit of magic into your life!


New Moon

New moon is the beginning of a lunar cycle, and holds a sense of expectation in it. The energy is quiet, but full of magic. This is when we do our new moon intentions and plant the symbolic seeds of our hopes and wishes, so that they can begin to manifest and find form along with the waxing moon!

Full Moon

Full moon is the culmination of the lunar cycle as the Moon becomes fully illuminated by the Sun. There is celebration in the air, and it’s important to acknowledge and be grateful for how far you’ve come. Full Moon also offers us perspective on our lives, and it’s a good time to let go of anything that no longer serves.

Sacred space

By setting the space you start to ground your energy for the ritual and create a sacred space. Do it with quiet mindfulness, and it’s like a journey from the busy outside world into the inner stillness. You also create a safe space and a ‘container’ for the lunar energy to meet with your own.

What you need:

  • A quiet space where you can spend 10-60 minutes of uninterrupted time (the length of your ritual is completely up to you!)

  • Dim the lighting if possible

  • Comfortable seat (pillows, blankets, whatever you need to feel cosy!)

  • Paper or journal & pen

Other suggestions for your sacred space:

  • Candle

  • Essential Oils / Sage Stick / Incense to purify energy

  • Relaxing music

  • Your favourite crystals or other meaningful objects

  • Fresh flowers or other plants and objects from nature

  • Oracle cards are a nice addition if you have a deck

Your sacred space can be a small altar with your chosen items on it, or you can use floor space with a blanket and pillows. Set your pillows and blankets up nice and cosy, light your candles/sage and turn on some relaxing music if you like. Place your chosen items on your altar/space with mindful attention. Take your time in creating the atmosphere and enjoy the process!

Tip: Let your intuition guide you. It may change from ritual to ritual, depending where you are and what’s available. Some days it could be as simple as lighting a candle and taking a few grounding breaths.

After you’ve set your space, it’s nice to take a moment to connect with your breathing, allowing the breath to guide your awareness within.


New Moon Wishes

Take some time to let your wishes and intentions to surface and find shape. You probably have a few ready to go, such as long terms goals that you wish to boost with lunar energy, and some might pop into your mind during your ritual.

Hold your wishes in your heart

Hold your wishes, one at a time, in your heart (you can place your hands on your heart centre and think about the wish/intention) to make sure your heart and soul is completely in line with it. If there is any resistance, ask yourself if the wish is outdated and needs a little tweak or if it’s yours at all? Sometimes we adopt other people’s wishes, or expectations and mistake them for our own.

The more you do your Moon Rituals, the more clarity you’ll gain, so don’t worry if you find it a little tricky at first.

Write your wishes on a piece of paper

After you feel like you’ve found clarity on your wishes, write them down on a piece of paper. There ‘s many ways to word your wishes, but do make sure you leave any doubt out. Also, make sure you word your wishes as if they’re already a reality. For example…

I am going on a holiday with my family this Christmas.


I am driving the car of my dreams

It’s nice to add how it makes your feel. This will help you feel as if they’re already true, and will boost the ‘Law Of Attraction’ factor. For example…

I am going on a holiday with my family this Christmas and it makes me so happy.


I am driving the car of my dreams and it feels amazing!

Feel the wishes as reality

Next step is to visualise your wishes, one at a time, as if they’re already a reality. Imagine how it will look, feel, smell, sound etc. Try to engage all your senses and really FEEL it. This is a good practice to do every day! I do mine each night when I get to bed!

Release your intentions to the Universe

Why do we take all this time to set our intentions, only to then release them to the Universe? Becoming attached to something creates an energetic block. It steals us away from the present moment and lowers our vibration. Attachment shifts our focus to the lack of, and what we focus on is what we attract. That is the law of vibration. So, we go ahead and release our wishes to the universe and trust.

You can release your wishes/intentions by simply saying it out loud.

“I release my intentions to the universe, may my wishes find their divine form and manifest for the good of all”.

Or you can say the sanskrit words:

“Om namo narayani” which means I surrender to the divine.

Feel free to find your own words that feel right to you.

By releasing our intentions to the higher power, we can be happy and content in the present moment, knowing that all will come in divine time. Focusing on the happiness, abundance and all good things in our lives, we attract more of just that – happiness, abundance and all good things!


Let go of what no longer serves

Take some time to feel into what needs to be released. This could be an old habit you’ve become aware of, that no longer serves a purpose in your life. Or possibly some silly old belief that’s holding you back from realising your dreams.

We release the old, stagnant energy and make room for new exiting things in our lives!

Write it down on a piece of paper

Write your list of ‘letting go’ on a piece of paper. Word it anyway that feels natural to you, as long as it’s clear that you’re letting go of these things! It might sounds something like this…

“I let go of the need to please others on the expense of my own wellbeing.”

“I let go of habit to check my phone first thing in the morning.”

“I NO LONGER check my phone first thing in the morning.”

Get the idea?

Let it burn (figuratively if not literally)!

I like the idea of burning this piece of paper, of turning these sticky habits and beliefs into dust quite literally! Oh the drama! But, it’s not always safe and will therefore not recommend it… Simply tearing the paper into small pieces, and tossing them away in the bin will do just fine! It’s really about the intention behind it, the intention of truly letting go.

Practice Gratitude

After you feel satisfied with your letting go process, it’s time for gratitude practice. Take your journal and write down at least three things you’re grateful for in your life. Place your palms on your heart centre, close your eyes and take a moment to sit in the energy of gratitude. Soak it in your every cell.

Tip (1): Practice gratitude every day, and watch your life transform! Honestly, this simple practice is life changing. Have a small journal next to your bed, and each night before you go to sleep, write down 3 things, no matter how small, that you’re grateful for today.

Tip (2): When doing your Moon Rituals, trust your instinct and feel free to be creative. Add bits and pieces! Some people like to draw others like to sing or chant. Some may sit in meditation. This guide is really just for inspiration, to get you started. Do what feels right for YOU!

To complete your ritual 

To complete your ritual, close your eyes and bring your hands together in your heart centre as a gesture of gratitude. Hold the feeling of gratitude in your heart for a moment. Take a few deep and grounding breaths here, and when you feel ready you can open your eyes and come back to the space and time of the present life.

Now we would LOVE to hear from you! What does your Lunar Ritual look like? Share in the comments below and let’s be inspired by each other!

Lots of love,

Siina xxx

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