Sagittarius New Moon Ritual

Sagittarius New Moon 7 December 2018 5.20pm AEST

The last New Moon of the year takes place in the spontaneous and enthusiastic Sagittarius. It’s the sign of the archer and an opportunity to re-focus your aim just in time before the year comes to an end.

Take some time to reflect where your aim has gotten blurry, polish your vision and make your intentions crystal clear with this powerful new moon. With mercury finishing his retrograde period, the energy is ready to start flowing!

Sagittarius rules higher learning, long distance travel and our belief systems. It’s an adventure loving fire sign, and this new moon feels like wind under the wings!

Below are a few questions that will help you tap into the inspirational energy of Sagittarius!

As you’re writing down your new moon wishes, take a moment to reflect on these questions:

Where are you playing small?

Where could you aim higher?  

What beliefs are holding you back from achieving your goals?

Being the last new moon of the year, it’s also important to reflect on what needs to be let go of before we move into the New Year.

Is there something in your life that requires closure?

What have you been holding on to that no longer feeds your soul?

What beliefs have you outgrown?

In the spirit of enthusiastic Sagittarius, what can you do right now move one step closer to your intentions becoming a reality?

Happy New Moon dreamers!

Siina xx

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