My Favourite Energy Clearing Rituals

The two weeks following a Full Moon, as the Moon is waning, we’re invited to let go of anything that no longer serves the soul's purpose. 

Each night, the Moon is shedding her light and the energy is slowly turning inwards and becoming reflective. ‘Doing’ turns into ‘being’. ‘Gaining’ turns into ‘letting go’. Until the next cycle, and new momentum, begins at New Moon.

This is an ideal time for all kinds of cleansing, release and banishing rituals.

These are not only wonderful tools in energetic wellbeing, but they also make the other half of creativity, productivity and manifestation. We need to take time to release the old, heavy and stagnant energy, so that the new energy can flow in freely!

So here are my six favourite cleansing rituals! (I’ve always liked the simple ones, as I find they’re often the most powerful ones too.) 

  1. Ocean Swim

Nothing better than diving under the salty waves of the Pacific Ocean! Or soaking oneself into any natural body of water for that matter! (Try a dip into the Baltic Sea through a whole in the ice!)  

  1. Epsom Salt Bath

A lovely warm bath with Epsom salts is a wonderful way to relax and cleanse your energy body. If it’s not too cold, I like to stay in the bath as I’m letting the water out in the end and imagine all the heavy or stagnant energy being drained away with the water.

  1. Salt Water And Four Directions

I learned this practice from ‘The Book Of Kitchen Witchery’ by Cerridwen Greenleaf, and I do this every single morning. I fill a small cup with fresh water and add in a good pinch of salt. Facing South, I dip my fingers in the salt water and touch my third eye (clearing my psychic energy). I then dip my fingers back in the water and flick a little water towards each four directions. This powerful yet simple practice will cleanse and protect your psyche and your home.

  1. Smudging

Smudging is a practice of burning variety of dried herbs to create an aromatic smoke for the purpose of healing and energetic clearing, and is a wonderful tool for any ritual practice. While you can buy high quality (locally/sustainably produced) smudge sticks, I prefer to make my own. Some of my favourites are Sage and Basil for cleansing and protection. Note: If you’re new to smudging practice, it’s good to seek guidance from a reliable source. This is a powerful and sacred practice, and should always be approached with reverence.

  1. Tantric Shaking

This one is also something I do regularly in the mornings. I stand with my feet about hip width apart and gently shake my body. Then I shake a little more adding in the shaking of my wrists and arms. I shake my whole body for 3-5 minutes and then stand still. The energy feels incredibly still yet light. This practice will clear your mind and body.

  1. Letting go list

This one is simple, and I do this when I have more specific things in my mind I’d like to release and let go of. I write it all down, with the intention to let go. I then shred it into small pieces and chuck it in the bin, or if safe, I burn it all in a fireplace or a heat proof container, which has the added drama of literally burning it into ashes!!

Do you cleanse your energy/psychic body regularly? If so, what are some of your favourite practices? Would love to hear from you, feel free to share your practices below.

Any thoughts or questions? Send me a message here!

Lots of Love,

Siina xx

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