Letter from Siina

We’re back from our pilgrimage to Finland, the land of my ancestors, where my roots go deep into the clay rich soil. While I was there I spent time with my family and connected with the land by spending most of my time away from cities.

The whole experience was deeply nurturing and grounding, and I feel I came back to myself again after living 11+ years overseas. I spent my free time walking and foraging in the woods with my family, sitting in the dark hot saunas and learning so much from my mum and dad (to recognise edible mushrooms and carve things from wood to mention a few). I feel steady, grounded and strong.

I feel like this time walking amongst my ancestors helped me to integrate and ground my practice of astrology and ritual deep into my being. I am an astrologist and anthropologist, and I feel a deep calling and inspiration to keep doing my work, sharing the gems of astrology and magic of ritual, and holding space for people to reconnect to their roots, their essence, their ‘home’, wherever in the world they might physically be.

While I’m happy to share more about my journey, I will leave that to another time and space… I want Lumimoon to be a space for you to find inspiration, reconnect to your inner wisdom and live in harmony with the earth and the cosmos. 

My practice and offering is grounded on the witchy wisdom of The North, and is based on two pillars; Astrology and Ritual…

ASTROLOGY is like an energetic road map, a blueprint unique to you that will offer guidance and direction on your journey back ‘home’.

RITUAL is how we invite, prepare for and welcome change. Mindful ritual has the power to ground us into the present moment making us the alchemists of our own lives.

Thank you so much for reading. I look forward to hearing from you!

With love,

Siina xxx


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