How To Flow With The Pisces Full Moon

Pisces is the sign of dreams and fantasy. The energy of Pisces is ethereal, elusive and limitless… It connects us to the other worlds, our imagination and the place where what is real and what isn’t meets.

This Pisces Full Moon is combined with an Earth Trine between the Sun, Uranus and Saturn. And so it is that the more we open to the other dimensions, the other worlds, the more we need to ground ourselves into our physical existence. Pisces is the sign of oneness, and this lunation reminds us of our innate connection with Mother Earth. We’re called to ground our spiritual experiences and spending time in nature will be deeply healing. I recommend keeping some grounding crystals on hand and clearing your schedule as much as possible so that you can flow through this lunation true Pisces style.

Here are my tips on how to honour this Dreamy Full Moon in Pisces and tune in with her energy:

Keep a dream journal. For the few days leading up to the Full Moon, and a few days afterwards, keep a journal by your bed and write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Our dreams can provide invaluable messages and guidance when we care to pay attention, and this Full Moon will illuminate the world that exists after we close our eyes at night.

Paint. Or draw. Become an artist for an afternoon. Allow the paintbrush to meet the paper with no pre-conceived ideas of what you’re meant to create. Trust the process, and don’t worry about the outcome. This piece is just for you. Allow the colors and shapes to flow through you. The archetype of an artist lives in the dreamy realm of Pisces and this is a good chance to experience it and of course learn and evolve through it.

Meditate on your breath. Pisces is the sign of deep meditative state. This Full Moon might just provide the support you need to enter a deep transformative state in meditation.  Prepare the space with sage and have your favourite crystals on hand, and allow the rays of the Pisces Moon take you on an inward journey.

And as always, Full Moon is the time to release anything that no loner serves so that you can move ahead with a lighter heart. Take some time to clear your aura with sage, then take a piece of paper and write down anything you are ready to let go of. See here for more detailed guide for a beautiful Full Moon Ritual.

As always, use what resonates with you and leave the rest. Please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know how you go. Maybe you tried one of my suggestions, or have a ritual of your own? I love to hear and be inspired by your stories.



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