Amethyst is the “stone of contentment and spirituality”.

This mystical mineral is often seen in spaces dedicated to body-mind-spirit practices such as yoga or meditation. And it really is an excellent companion in your spiritual journey as it can enhance our spiritual awareness by opening and aligning the crown chakra and third eye centre. Amethyst has a mind clearing effect and can help in finding deeper understanding in situations. This is a wonderful healing stone as it reminds us of our innate oneness and conducts deep peace and calm.

On a more practical side, amethyst can provide energetic protection and bring peace and harmony to a home. It's a great crystal in reducing stress and tension, and has been used to treat insomnia. Amethyst can promote mutual understanding in a conflict situation assisting in finding solution and dispelling anger. It is a wonderful stone to calm a scattered mind and sooth anxious emotions.

As always, it’s important to clear your amethyst once in a while, especially when you first receive it. You can then align its energy with your intention and desired purpose. This is called “programming the crystal”. For example, with a gorgeous aesthetic piece, you may wish to align the energy with intention of providing energetic protection, beauty and harmony to its surroundings!

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