11 Ways To Feel Wonderful During Full Moon

Full Moon is a time of culmination and there is a certain intensity to it. Things often come to a head as the Full Moon shines on what was once unconscious; Full Moons are often time of clarity, insights and intuitive breakthroughs.

Leading up to the breakthroughs though we often experience the opposite; confusion, overwhelm and extreme emotions… Energy is intensified during Full Moon, and it can feel as if we’re going through extreme pressure in the process of evolving and arriving to our breakthroughs. Don’t worry though it won’t be this intense every month. It all depends how it lands on your natal chart & what else is going on in there. Some Lunations will feel more intense to us than others.


I believe it’s best not to over think it (the Moon symbolizes our soul, emotions and unconscious after all) but to allow the process to happen. It’s important to look after your energetic and emotional wellbeing during this heightened time, and here are my suggestions on how to maintain your equilibrium during Full Moon.

  • Gentle exercise.

Go for a walk to get your blood flowing, do a bit of stretching or take a slow yoga class. Moving our bodies allow the energy to move and flow, making space for the shifts to happen.

  • Make time for you.

It’s a great idea to find some solitary time to reflect. With the heightened energy it can be difficult to keep your energetic boundaries, especially if you happen to be a sensitive type.

  • Journal.

Journaling can be a wonderful way to let your unconscious speak. Just start writing, allowing the words to pour down on the page of your journal. There is no need to censor, these words are just for you.

  • Ground.

Go outside and walk barefoot on grass or sand. Sit on the earth and lean your back against a tree. Go for a hike to get your body moving on the process.

  • Get creative.

Draw. Paint. Get crafty. Creativity is a great way to channel the heightened energy in a constructive way. Do what you enjoy the most!

  • Epsom salt bath.

Or take an ocean swim if possible! Salt water helps to clear your energy body. Warm bath will also help to relax your muscles for smoother energy flow, and provide some solitary time in the process!

  • Celebrate.

Full Moon is a time of celebration, and I like to do something (no matter how small) to celebrate how far I’ve come each month. Light a candle, have a beautiful glass of wine, cook a hearty celebration meal! Celebration is also a wonderful way to release the build up energy. (Warning, don’t go too hard! Parties tend to get out of hand during Full Moon!)

  • Release what no longer serves.

This point of culmination is an important time to practice letting go. You can do this by writing a list of the things you are ready to let go of on a piece of paper, and then disposing this paper with a genuine intention to let go. By letting go of the old, you make space for new and wonderful things to flow into your life.

  • Gratitude

Practice being present and grateful for where ever you are in your journey. Write a list of 5 things you are most grateful for right now. See here for guidance on how to create a beautiful Full Moon Ritual around release and gratitude!

  • Keep you calendar as clear as possible.

Create space for flow! I know I find even stronger need to follow my intuitive impulses during full moon. Create space for it.

  • Consult an astrologer.

Often lunations can mark a beginning of a new cycle of growth for us, depending on where in our personal charts the lunation falls. If you're feeling something stirring within during a Full Moon, it's a great idea to consult an astrologer to gain more clarity.

These suggestions are all simple ways to stay balanced and in the flow during Full Moon, and trust me, simple is usually most effective. Do what feels right for you and follow your intuition! If there’s one time it’s most helpful to steer away from rigid structure and follow your heart, it’s during Full Moon!




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